About Ana Sia

Ana Sia has always had a passion for fashion and particularly handbags.
As a young child she would dress up and borrow her mother’s handbags. Whether red, black or blue for her they all told a story, a journey, a gift or just love at first sight. Later, she began collecting them and to draw sketches.
At 29 years of age her career in the luxury market led her to Bali. She revived her childhood dream and decided to create her own collection of handbags and accessories.
Bali is a constant inspiration to her. Her classic style mixes with the contrast of the wild landscapes. APY starts to take shape!
Rigorous and demanding for the quality of materials used, she travels the island herself to select the best leathers. Each piece is unique as each of the leathers used and is manufactured with precision to detail, handcrafted by a small Balinese company.

Ethical fashion:

The manufacturing is made in Bali in a small factory. No child labor. No worker under 18 years old works in this factory.

No protected species are used; the creations are only in leathers of cow, of lamb and goat. Leathers are bought in small local shops.